Welcome to Project Viktor


Each day, thousands of children struggle to survive on the streets in the Philippines.


Project Viktor is a "Non-profit" organization. Our purpose is to help vulnerable and orphaned children in the Philippines.


By establishing shelters for vulnerable children and orphanages for orphaned street children, we aim to create an environment in which we can improve their situation.


This is achieved through a focused effort and an individual plan for each child, where care and education are the main ingredients.


Hereby we prevent these children from being left to poverty and sickness, forcing them into crime and prostitution.


Our goal is to provide these children with a safe haven where they can grow up and develop in harmony with Philippine culture and tradition.


We support these children during their stay in our centres, throughout their education and subsequently through transition programs and housing projects. 


We support and guide each child until they can provide for themselves. We empower them into being able to contribute in a positive way to their local community.


We believe every child has a right to education, care and the ability to create a meaningful life for themselves.


Please have a look around this website and if you wish to know more about Project Viktor then you can always email us through info@projectviktor.com.