Construction of orphanage

We aim to construct an orphanage where 50 orphaned streetchildren age 0-12 years old, can live, go to school and have a normal everyday life. Giving them a figting chance in succeeding in life.

Here you can see detailed budgets for each construction phase. Please do write to us if you have any questions. We hope for your suppport.


Perimeter fencing.pdf                                               Clinic.pdf

Backfill.pdf                                                                   Kitchen.pdf

Guard house.pdf                                                        Dining hall.pdf

Parking lot.pdf                                                             Dormitory 1.pdf

Garage and storage.pdf                                            Dormitory 2.pdf

Administration building.pdf                                       Washing area.pdf

Comfort room.pdf                                                        Playground.pdf 

Workshop.pdf                                                              School building.pdf