About us



The founders of Project Viktor, Dennis Ramsdahl and his wife Jenni Danielsen, have lived in the Philippines since 2008. In the city of Butuan in the north-eastern part of the most southern island in the Philippines, Mindanao.


Here they have created the foundation for the children we aim to help. They have built a large network of volunteers and techniqual staff who are assisting in developing the project.


Jenni and Dennis are onsight during the construction phase of the 1st orphanage to assist in day to day decisions to ensure donations are spent to give value for money.


We will build apartment units, kitchen/canteen, school facilities, playground, common areas, administration buildings etc.


The amounts donated to Project Viktor determine how soon we can construct the first orphanage, which will house 50 children age 0-12 years old.


We plan, in due time, to give some of the best and brightest children the opportunity to lead an orphanage in different areas of the Philippines, following the same concept and with support from our organization.


This way our efforts will in turn benefit thousands of children and give them hope for a better future. This is a longterm project which will stretch over generations to come.


You can make a difference for the lives of these children by supporting Project Viktor.